Extension Programme
  Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) :-
  C.B.R. programme has shown greater awareness in the remote areas where people have been ignorant about mental disabilities. Out C.B.R. workers, who received training in the  various fields of disabilities. These personnel are spreaded to various remote areas of the city and villages and under go a house to house survey. The persons with disabilities are identified and training is imparted to there persons along with the training of their mothers and the provide.
Integrated child Development Scheme (I.C.D.S.) :-
  This scheme focussed on awareness, identification, causes, prevention and management of mental and physical disabilities. I.C.D.S. founded on Intervention and social awareness. The awareness programme will also highlighted the difficult rule of mothers of children with disabilities and training to bring in recognition and improvement of their social status. Awareness publications will be distributed to inform the unaware population, of the various disabilities and provide schemes of management and training of children with special needs.
  Vocational Training and Placement Unit :-
  This unit caters to adolescents and young adults who have so far benefited from basic training and remedial education and now stand on the threshold of adulthood and aim at seeking new goods. This unit comprises of two separate blocks for boys and girls. The young adults receive special training in prevocational and vocational activities like printing  (Block Printing, tie and dye, screen printing on paper, plastic and cloth), creating and painting beautiful greeting cards, art and crafts weaving (cotton wearing, jute wearing) tailoring and needle work, soft toys making, knitting, book binding etc. Besides prevocational training these special children are taught functional academics also. After a performance, the students are promoted to vocational training unit. 
  The vocational training centre offers services of vocational training to persons with mental retardation above the age of 16 years. During the years 1998-2001. 61 persons with mental retardation were given training of whom about 37 were. Placed on individual productive jobs. The Department of Vocational Training also helps the parents to form self-half groups so that they can undertake organization and running to training cum productive centre.
Self help groups :-
  The Institute has promoted formation of self help groups comprising parents interested to join hands together and do something for their children. During the past 11 years the Institute has encouraged and promoted more than two dozen parent self help groups located at different places. Most parent groups have been able to launch services of respite care, special education, vocational training and parent to parent counselling.
  Rural camps :-
  To reach people living in remote areas, the Institute periodically conducts rural camps. The activities include (a) screening and case detection, (b) individual assessment and counselling, (c) training of parents, (d) creation of awareness, and (e) reference and follow up. Each year about 10 camps are held in different parts of the country.
  Assistance in starting new services :-
  Many organisations such as parent groups, Rotary Club, Lions Club are willing to start services for the mentally retarded persons, however, they need expert guidance in initiating and running such ventures. SAMARPAN tries to fulfill this need, by offering constancy. The institute has been instrumental in establishing about 7 new services in different parts of the Bihar.
  Family cottage services :-
  The Institute has 12 family cottages which offer stay and training facilities in its campus at Patna. Parents who come from distant places and like to spend time with expert staff at SAMARPAN find this facility extremely useful. The average stay in the family cottages is about two weeks wherein the parents get an opportunity to seek consultation from the multi-disciplinary team depending upon the nature of the problem and the requirements of the child. 
Our Managing Director Dr Shivajee Kumar Recieved Man of The Year Award 2010 at New Delhi OUR NGO "CHILD CONCERN" awarded wih Best NGO in the field of Child Welfare from Govt of India Ministry of HDR OUR SPECIAL SCHOOL- "SAMARPAN" was awarded with DEREZIO AWARD 2006
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